This film from describes the political situation around climate change and how the Paris Agreement was not enough, specifically because it is not a legally binding contract. 

It calls on individuals and communities to step into this issue and fight to limit climate change where politics have fallen short. It uses  examples of communities that stood together and stood up to corporate interests to demonstrate that through organization, civil disobedience, and making others aware of the situation, strides can be made.

These communities include an area in the Philippines where they were able to oust a dictatorship that had many dirty and harmful energy projects. A community in Canada that stopped a Shell project, a community in Turkey that was successful at preventing the construction of a plant, and a movement in Germany that stopped lignite machines in protest of the destruction of a town that produced 100% of its energy from renewables simply because it sat on fossil fuel deposits.

The video encourages the viewers to make their voices heard because it is important to grab public attention on this issue to galvanize support.

It ends with the call to action: “The limits of the impossible are meant to be moved. How many people are active and engaged on this issue? All we have is a choice whether to be one of those people”