In 1984 Mayor Bernie Sanders’ instituted CEDO’s revolving loan program, which was self-funded via federal grants.

Burlington at the time was faced with vacant storefronts, fleeing businesses, and general disinvestment. The national economy was experiencing a high unemployment rate, and Burlington was no exception.[1]

“CEDO’s award-winning efforts to build a “vibrant, healthy and equitable city” have been praised for going beyond a city’s typical economic development programs. They include assistance to small businesses and promoting community engagement through programs such as Burlington’s neighborhood planning assemblies. CEDO’s revolving loan program has provided more than $10 million in loans to more than 140 small businesses since 1984. And its work is credited for landing Burlington on “most livable cities” lists in several magazines and other publications.”[2]

“Community development done right might just be one of the more important things we can do to save America.” – Bernie Sanders[1]